We opened our studio in September of 1970. We've had the good fortune of meeting thousands of wonderfully creative people during our endless journey. We've just surpassed our 5000th job! Maybe the next 5000 will happen a little quicker, or take a little longer...and I can only imagine in my wildest dream how they will be more interesting. Every day was a novel. We grasped digital technology with both hands back in the Spring of '94 and haven't stopped learning and doing, day in/night out.

"Don Levey Makes People Happy"

The Last Rye Bread...
a short story about how the "Happy" started.

In a little delicatessen just north of Chicago, it's owner was sitting around, reflecting upon an almost completed very busy day. His family was home, joking that Lenny was waiting for his last rye bread to be sold. Lenny was simply getting his deli ready for the next day. He got home as soon as he could, or when the last rye bread was sold, whether there was one or not. He was Don Levey's cousin. Witnessing Lenny's tremendous will for perfection in leaving no detail untouched, made sense to 12-yr. old Don. It was late in the morning of a presumed half-day before a major national summer holiday. Don received a call at the studio from a client. A shot for a presentation that same day. Making the crazy deadline, the client said the shots were perfect. Don likes that word. Later on when Don went home to his family, he was assured that his client felt that same satisfaction he did. You will always get this feeling when working with Don Levey Studio and have that same confidence when you go home at night. He will be there when you need that almighty mystical rye bread. Everybody who Don works with is getting benefits from "the last rye bread".

That last rye bread and "Don Levey Makes People Happy".